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Some players are getting error code 2-ALZYA-0010 or 2-ALZYA-0010, how do I fix this?

These errors may be caused by a player’s Nintendo Switch system being set to the wrong time. Ensure that each player has their system’s time, date, and time zone settings correct and synced.

Why is giving an “!” error when I try to add players in my League report?

Did you enter the players’ birthdates in manually? If so, this is a known issue. Simply clicking in the date fields and selecting each birthdate on the calendar resolves the issue. This can also occur if the birthdate isn’t formatted correctly – it needs to be in YYYY-MM-DD format.

My League session counts and hours are way higher than they should be when reporting on! What gives?

This is a purely cosmetic issue – the correct information is still there in Pokémon’s backend. Rest assured, you can finish the report properly, just don’t use those numbers for any of your own record keeping!

I’m having issues installing TOM… help please?

The installation process for TOM can sometimes be confusing, so please look below for your operating system for more on how to get things working!



To install TOM on Windows, you’ll need a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or newer. If you’re not sure which version of Windows you’re running, here’s Microsoft’s guide on figuring that out. While Java is not required to be installed separately, if you already have Java installed, it cannot be Java 9 due to compatibility issues – if you have Java 9 installed, either downgrade to Java 8 or upgrade to Java 10 or newer.



To install TOM on macOS, you’ll need to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Development Kit (JDK). Both of these must be Java 7 or newer (other than Java 9, as there are compatibility issues with Java 9), and yes, the JDK is quite large.

NOTE: While a minimum version of macOS is not officially stated, OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and earlier are not compatible with Java 7 or newer. As we cannot verify full compatibility with earlier versions, we recommend using an Apple-supported version of macOS; as of writing (Sept 2019), macOS Sierra (10.12) is the oldest supported version.

Other (Chrome OS, Android, iOS, etc.)

TOM is not supported on any operating systems other than Windows and macOS. While some Tournament Organizers have gotten TOM to work on Linux (notably Ubuntu and Arch Linux), there is no guarantee that TOM will work on any other operating systems.

Can I use official Pokémon images, such as logos and/or artwork, to promote my events?

Officially, no. Unless explicitly given permission in writing from TPCi, you are not technically allowed to use any official images, including Play! Pokémon logos, Pokémon League logos, or set artwork. In some cases, notably for Prerelease events, TPCi provides images that may be used for event promotion.

Never, ever, under any circumstance, use fan-art for graphics. Do not use character art unless provided by TPCi. Do not use TPCi intellectual property when creating trophies, prizes etc for your event. It is imperative that a graphical standard is maintained across events and that fan art is never utilised.

Kay Dyson, The Pokémon Company International

Note: Many Professors do use official logos and artwork without permission, however, and have not been disciplined by TPCi for doing so. However, we cannot promote this practice, and doing as such is entirely under your own risk.

How do I move my League to a new location?

In most scenarios, a League may not move. While Pokémon Organized Play is the ultimate authority on deciding what Leagues may move, Professors have been able to move Leagues in the following scenarios:

  • The location of a Store League has ceased to exist, and a nearby store that does not already host a League is willing to host the community.
  • A Club League wishes to become a Store League, and a nearby store that does not already host a League is willing to host the community.

If the location you are wishing to move your League to already has a League, the existing League in that location will take precedence.

If you believe your League may fit a scenario where it could be moved, you may submit a support ticket at, choosing League as the category and Event as the subcategory.

I didn’t receive an item from my Professor Store order, and it’s listed as out of stock on the shipping note. Will I get this item eventually, and if not, will my Professor Points be refunded?

Unfortunately, as out of stock items may never get restocked, this item won’t arrive unless you place another order. If you used Professor Points for this order, they may not be automatically refunded, so after checking your balance, submit a support ticket at, choosing Professor Program as the category and Points as the subcategory.

How do I contact Pokémon Organized Play regarding an issue with PEM?

Submit a support ticket at, choosing Professor Program as the category and Pokémon Event Manager (PEM) Issue as the subcategory.

Do I use my Pokémon Trainer Club account to sign in to TOM?

No, you’ll need to create a profile specific to TOM. It’s recommended that you don’t use your Pokémon Trainer Club password, or any password that you use for anything else, as the credentials are stored in plain text on your computer. Additionally, if you ever need to use TOM on a different computer, you will need to create a separate profile there.

After clicking Pair Next Round in TOM, an error pops up: “Unable to pair any more rounds. The tournament will now end.” TOM shows more rounds remaining. What gives?

This is a known bug in TOM, but luckily it’s an easy one to fix. Dismiss the error dialog, save the tournament, and close TOM. Then, reopen TOM and open the tournament file. You should now be able to pair the next round (likely the first round of top cut Single Elimination).

I never received Professor Points for an event I staffed. What do I do?

Two things to check:

  • Check that the event appears in your staffing history. If the event does not appear, please check with the Tournament Organizer to make sure that the event has been successfully uploaded and that your staffing was correctly recorded.
  • You might have already received the maximum amount of Professor Points for the month. If you are a Basic Professor, the maximum is 10 Points. If you are a Stage 1 Professor, the maximum is 20 Points. If you are a Stage 2 Professor, the maximum is 30 Points.

If the event does appear in your history and you have not reached your max for the month, submit a support ticket at, choosing Professor Program as the category and Points as the subcategory.

There’s an issue with my Professor Store order. Who do I contact?

Submit a support ticket at, choosing Professor Program as the category and Order as the subcategory.

How often do items get restocked in the Professor Store?

The official communication regarding restocks is that some popular items will get restocked every 3 months, with a general restock happening at lease once a year. In practice, this timeline isn’t strictly followed as of writing, but restocks do happen. Some items regularly run out and are restocked, but others may no longer come back in stock after running out.

How long will it take for my Professor Store order to arrive?

The official estimate is 1-2 weeks for the continental US, 2-4 weeks for the rest of North America, quarterly for Brazil, and 4-6 weeks everywhere else. In practice, this shipping time is after orders are processed, which can take some additional time.

A common answer to this question by many Professors is to forget that you ordered something, and be pleasantly surprised when your order shows up.