Battle Team Locking

This guide is based on the official guide from TPCi. If collecting physical team lists (which is required for all Premier Events), it is recommended you do this at the same time as locking the players’ Battle Teams. Note that any mention by the game system of a “Digital Player ID” is referring to locking the player into the tournament, not their Player ID found on their Trainer Club account.

  1. Open the Main Menu screen in the game, verifying that the most recent game version is installed by checking the number in the top-right corner of the bottom screen.
  2. Select Live Competition in the Main Menu.
  3. Select Receive via QR code.
  4. Scan the QR code while pressing the Scan button (either touching the lower screen or pressing the R button). If scanning from a digital source, such as a phone screen, you may need to increase the brightness on the device.
  5. Select Register your Battle Team.
  6. Select the Battle Team to use for the competition, and then select Confirm. (if the player needs to make changes, press the Y button)
  7. Select Yes when asked if this is the desired Battle Team.
  8. Once you see the What would you like to do? screen, the registration of the Battle Team is complete.

Once a Battle Team is locked, the player may do as they like — they may turn their Nintendo 3DS system off, play the game, etc. — but must go back to the Live Competition screen from the Main Menu once their next round begins.

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