Electronic Hack Checking

In order to perform an electronic hack check, you’ll need to have a Wi-Fi connection and the most recent version of the Nintendo 3DS firmware and game version. Additionally, the team to be checked must not be registered to a tournament, so we recommend performing this check immediately prior to locking a Battle Team.

  1. From the X menu of the game, select Festival Plaza.
  2. Select Battle.
  3. Select Visit the Battle Spot.
  4. Select Yes when asked if you wish to connect to the internet.
  5. Select Yes when asked to save the game.
  6. After the communication mode has been successfully switched to the Internet, select Free Battle.
  7. Select Double Battle.
  8. Select Special Pokémon: Allowed.
  9. Navigate to the Battle Team that matches the one on the player’s team sheet and select Confirm. If the team is not in a Battle Team, select Switch and have the player add/correct the Battle Team.
    • If the Battle Team is already locked, copy it into another Team slot and check that Battle Team. Enter the box by selecting Switch, tap the on-screen button at the furthest top-right, select all members of the team, press A, navigate to an empty Battle Team, and place the Pokémon in there (this does not modify the locked team).
  10. Select Yes when asked if you wish to use this Battle Team.
  11. Once Checking the Battle Team is complete, and the Searching for an opposing Trainer… text appears alongside the player’s avatar image, the Battle Team passed and you may exit the game by pressing the Power button.
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