Handling Technical Issues

The following are recommendations on how to resolve various technical issues. Unless otherwise noted, these are not direct instructions from TPCi. Any instructions from TPCi or event staff should take precedence.

Error/disconnect appears at start of match (turn zero/one)

  • Try again
  • Ensure the players are using the push notification “Press Y to join” prompt inside the Union Circle
  • Ensure the time and date (including time zone) are correct on both players’ consoles (seen with error codes 2-ALZYA-0010/2-ALZYA-0010)
  • Have the other player act as host for the Union Circle

Error/disconnect appears after match has begun

  • If cause for error cannot be determined, follow section 3.4.4 of the VG Rules for Double Game Freeze

Nintendo Switch system won’t turn on

  • Hold down the power button for up to 2 minutes, then press the power button again

Pro Controller won’t correct

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