Handling Technical Issues

Error/disconnect appears at start of match (turn zero/one)

  • Try again
  • Ensure the players are using the push notification “Press Y to join” prompt inside the Union Circle
  • Ensure the time and date (including time zone) are correct on both players’ consoles (seen with error codes 2-ALZYA-0010/2-ALZYA-0010)
  • Have the other player act as host for the Union Circle

Error/disconnect appears after match has begun

  • If error only appears on one player’s screen, that player receives a game loss
  • If error appears on both players’ screens, follow section 3.4.4 of the VG Rules for Double Game Freeze

Nintendo Switch system won’t turn on

  • Hold down the power button for up to 2 minutes, then press the power button again

Pro Controller won’t correct

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