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Community Resources


  • PokeMinn’s prize payout calculator: A quick-and-easy calculator to determine a prizing option for tournaments. This is by no means the only prizing structure that can be used, but one that has been popular among players.


  • The Compendium: The Pokémon TCG Rulings Compendium is a fan-compiled listing of all official TCG rulings. All rulings listed here are official, and the site is endorsed by TPCi.
  • PokePopCast: A video series covering topics for the TCG, including many that are important for Judges and Tournament Organizers
  • Ask the Rules Team: A forum where rulings can be requested that are not already in the Compendium. Responses in this forum can be regarded as official.
  • Judge Manual: While slightly outdated (last updated in 2012), this manual serves as a guide on how Judges should act in different situations.