VGC 2020 updates to the Professor Guidebook


We are happy to announce that the Professor Guidebook has been updated for VGC 2020! The following guides have been added:

  • Creating a Live Competition
    • This guide helps Tournament organizers set up a Live Competition to meet VGC 2020 rules, as well as explains how to distribute the tournament regulations to players.
  • Joining a Live Competition
    • This guide gives players the steps to joining a VGC 2020 tournament on their Nintendo Switch system.
  • Acceptable Hardware/Controllers
    • This guide presents information regarding what hardware can be used for different playstyles, including what controllers are able to be used and how to set the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to wired mode.
  • Spectator Mode
    • This guide shows how to set up a system for Spectator Mode.
  • LAN Mode
    • This guide details how to use LAN Mode, including manually setting IP addresses when needed.
  • Online Team Checking
    • This guide walks Judges through the steps to check a team online (often called “electronic hack checking”).

The VGC 2019 documents are still available under the VGC 2019 subsection.

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